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Why work at BIT?

At BIT we employ individuals who seek to make the world a better place through fresh thinking, curiosity, collaboration and empiricism. Our employees are passionate about public service and are committed to establishing what works and what doesn’t in the policy domain through rigorous evaluation.

The team is made up of four functions, Policy, Research & Evaluations, Ventures and Operations. Each team has a unique role to play in the business but five core values permeate every function, define the vision and beliefs of BIT and guide how we work and who we work with.

  • Collaboration: We value the effort and knowledge of others, both colleagues and clients.
  • Social Impact: We care about the work we do and choose projects that have a positive impact on society.
  • Empiricism & HumilityRigorous testing and evaluation is the best way to decipher what works and what doesn’t. There is always room to learn, and null results are just as important as significant ones.
  • Fresh Thinking & Curiosity: We like to actively seek out new ideas and ways of working so that we are confident in the information we are providing.
  • Public Service: We try understand the world of our clients so that we can support their goals of improving public policy and services.

What our employees say

BIT is a unique organisation to work with because of the emphasis it places on empiricism. Many organisations, including BIT, aim to create social impact through innovative thinking. However, BIT stands out for its commitment to employing robust research methodologies and rigorously evaluating solutions in applied settings. I am proud to work with an organisation that holds itself to such high standards.” 

Joceline Yong, BIT Singapore

Coming from academia I wanted to work for an organisation that had rigorous academic research at its core but which also had strong policy links. BIT is just that. We run randomised controlled trials and use complex quasi experimental techniques but at the same time move quickly and always measure the impact of our work in the field.”

Florentyna Farghly, BIT UK


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