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  • 17th Jul 2019

Calling the very best of behavioural science: submissions for the BX Awards 2019 are now open!

Are you passionate about conducting outstanding behavioural research? Are you dedicated to improving policy, business or society through BI…or do you know of someone who is?

Good news – submissions for the BX2019 Awards are open!

The return of Behavioural Exchange to London this September is a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come in the last decade. Researchers and practitioners alike have ventured into new frontiers and expanded the scope, ambition and achievements of BI beyond what was initially thought possible. The positive impact of this work on citizens, businesses and society is huge – and we feel that it warrants recognition.

The BX Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of scholars and practitioners in the field of BI. Award winners should be champions of behavioural science, leading original, challenging and socially impactful work. So whether you’re a prolific behavioural academic publishing groundbreaking papers, or a maverick civil servant conducting real-world interventions, we want to hear from you!

There are two categories: the BX Award for Outstanding Research and the BX Award for Outstanding Practitioner. 

Winners will receive a free ticket to BX2019 (and travel expenses up to £1,500 paid) where they will be presented with their prize in front of the most renowned names in behavioural science. 

Think you fit the bill? Submit your application by 9 August 2019 via email to For more information on how to apply see our application details page.  Please review the terms and conditions here.

Very best of luck!


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