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Test+Build for Charities: a new tool to support volunteering and fundraising

26th Oct 2017

It’s been three months since we launched Test+Build, our venture that helps organisations design their own interventions informed by behavioural science and then test them with a randomised controlled trial. We’re currently working with 5 organisations on issues such as tax compliance to get trials up and running.

Now we’re excited to launch a new version of Test+Build, which is aimed at supporting charities with their volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Drawn from the more than 30 trials BIT has conducted in this area, as well as the wider academic literature, Test+Build for Charities gives organisations the behavioural insights they need to design bespoke interventions, and to rigorously test them using a gold standard RCT – supported throughout by the BIT team.

We’ve completed dozens of trials in charitable giving over the last six years, helping charities, as well as businesses and their employees, to raise millions of pounds for good causes. We know from experience that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to behavioural science, and the tools and insights you need will vary hugely depending on what you are trying to achieve.

That’s why we’re launching this new version of the platform with a range of new insights and case studies, and why we will be on hand to support and draw in additional insight that could be relevant.

As with the first iteration of Test+Build, we’ve kept the costs down to less than half that of a standard consultancy project of the same type, to help maximise the number of organisations that can use the tool to apply behavioural science to their fundraising.

We’re still testing and tweaking the platform and so we’re looking for organisations to partner with in the coming months. These partners will benefit from additional support from BIT staff and reduced prices – please register your interest if you think your organisation might want to get involved. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with More Strategic and Remember A Charity on our first wave of pilots.

To sign up to our pilot or register your interest, please visit at or email us on