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Building behavioural insights capacity in low and middle-income countries

Giving policy practitioners the tools to design behavioural interventions and find out what works for themselves, rather than rely on external evidence reviews, is one of the best ways behavioural scientists can achieve social impact. The Global Innovation Fund is funding both BIT and Ideas42 to separately support developing country governments to institutionalise behavioural approaches to public policy. BIT has been working in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Guatemala. Ideas42 has been working in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.

This session hears from policymakers in these countries about their experience running trials with BIT and ideas42, including the results they achieved, challenges they had to overcome, skills they developed, and how they will continue using behavioural insights in future. Speakers include Gulzar Natarajan, Global Innovation Fund, Benjamin Kumpf, Department for International Development, Monica Wills-Silva, BIT, Sartika Kooshanafiah, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, Saugato Datta, ideas42 and John Gachigi, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Kenya.

This session was run in partnership with the Global Innovation Fund.