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Dragon’s Den BIT-style – innovative approaches to improving financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is about creating a sense of security and confidence that you have enough money to meet your needs. To get there we need a combination of financial regulation, transformation of existing norms and structures, and the design of innovative financial products. This session explores new ideas from behavioural science and financial innovation to create financial products that make achieving financial goals easier and achievable. The session follows a ‘dragon’s den’ format where representations from fintechs and established banks pitch ideas to a panel of judges. The challenge is: How can we use behavioural science and financial innovation to make financial goals achievable but also enjoyable?

Claudia Hammond of the BBC, Polly Mackenzie of Demos, Pantelis Solomon of BIT, Krisen Berman of Irrational Labs, Max Mawby of Plum, Bertrand Beghin of ChangeSquare and Archie Chappell of Wagestream take part in a behavioural Dragon’s Den at BX2019.