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Applying & Embedding Behavioral Science in the Financial Services

Finding Win-Win-Win Solutions in Consumer Protection, Compliance, Human Resources & More.

The Behavioral Insights Team and BEAR – Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (University of Toronto) are pleased to announce a free half-day seminar, which will take place on  Wednesday afternoon June 21st (12:30pm-5pm) in New York City (199 Water Street in Manhattan):

  • Dr. Michael Hallsworth of The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) will share excerpts from his Manifesto for Applying Behavioral Science and speak to challenges, strategies and success stories for building behavioral science into organizations
  • Professor Dilip Soman of Rotman will share “Six Prescriptions for Building Healthy Behavioral Insights Units”
  • Scott Young of The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) will speak to insights and opportunities for applying Behavioral Science to improve Compliance
  • We’ll share cutting edge research on consumer protection in digital contexts – and case studies regarding the application of behavioral science to HR/People issues, including DEI, gender equality and employee retention
  • We’ll have breakout sessions focused on specific challenges and areas of opportunity, including Consumer Protection, Compliance & People/HR issues
  • There will be networking sessions and roundtable discussions among participants

This in-person event will benefit…

  • Behavioral science leaders within organisations
  • Functional leaders (in compliance, cybersecurity, anti-fraud, human resources  and other areas) looking to make their  programs more efficient and effective
  • Regulators looking to support organisations in their use of new tools, insights and measurement systems

Attendance is free but spaces are limited, so please register your interest and provide your suggestions below so that we can plan appropriately.