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Consumers & Finance

Through the application of behavioural insights from years of research and analysis we are able to help consumers operate in a fairer and more accessible way. From navigating T&Cs to choosing a credit card, discover how BIT can help you make better decisions.

We work with governments, regulators and industry to design markets to deliver good value, meaningful choices and quality for consumers, particularly as they evolve in the digital age. We also use behavioural insights to build data-led consumer research and help consumers save, manage their credit and plan for their retirement. Our five core service areas encompass the main stages of a project, from consultancy to testing, to strategies and solutions.

How We Can Help

We work with our partners to deliver strategies and research projects that drive change. Recent projects from our partnerships include a focus on gambling harms in ethnic minorities, advice for employers on improving the financial wellbeing of employees and supporting investors in making greener choices.

Explore our insights page for blogs, reports and case studies and more from the Behavioural Insights Team. 

Work With Us

Are you a financial organisation looking to improve the lives and wellbeing of your community? At BIT, we are committed to helping our partners by driving change through consumer-first, data-led behavioural insights. 

Whether you are a government body, a financial regulator or an industry expert, we can help tackle your biggest challenges. Talk to us about your projects today.