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Crime, justice & security

Our societies rely on effective criminal justice systems. But security services around the world face an array of rapidly evolving challenges, from cyber crime to terrorism. 

As our world is increasingly connected, criminality has followed suit in its level of sophistication. To tackle these complex areas of policy we need to think about methods beyond our existing punitive systems. Our work to date has helped to deter crime, improve trust in policing, tackle domestic violence and foster better links between different groups across society.

Using behavioural insights drawn from national and international projects, we can help both public and private sector businesses better understand the need for smarter and more ethical policy.

How can we help?

Through drawing on our extensive behvioural insights expertise, we target key decision-makers to improve their influence on society. 

In the case of security services, any changes to policy have a wide-reaching impact. From scams and youth violence to internet safety and victim protection, we use data-driven behavioural insights to promote positive change. 

Explore our insights to discover blogs, reports and case studies from The Behavioural Insights Team on crime, justice and security.

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