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Education & Skills

We want everyone to reach their full potential, and develop the skills they need for success in both work and life. To this end, we offer extra support to teachers, students and their families throughout the education journey. A positive nudge at the right time can have a life-long impact.

We use behavioural insights and science to create informed plans that help the education sector as they provide important skills and lessons to the next generation of students, regardless of age or ability. Behavioural science can be just what your students need for a higher success rate both in class and during exam season.

How Can We Help

At The Behavioural Insights Team we work with educators to create strategies and informed plans that help students and teachers throughout the year. 

We have worked on a variety of projects with our partners that provide key information and support to educators and students to help improve the education system and the level of success it provides.

Check out our recent blogs for more insights into our recent projects and studies of behavioural insights within the education system.

Work With Us

Are you an educator looking to use insights to provide a quality education that improves the school experience and environment for your students? At The Behavioural Insights Team we work with a range of partners to use insights and behavioural science to create a space where learning is unparalleled using data and observation.

Whether you are a teacher, student or member of a school board, our expert team is on hand to help you create an ideal plan to complement your practices. Get in touch with us for more information today.