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Energy, Environment & Sustainability

A prosperous society needs a healthy planet. Nature underpins the global economy, enriches the lives of billions, and provides the conditions in which humanity can flourish. But human behaviour lies behind many of the threats to our natural environment.

We work with policy makers, NGOs and private partners to promote energy and water conservation, support sustainable lifestyle choices, protect biodiversity and tackle the illegal wildlife trade, and encourage clean growth and green business practices. Our behavioural science consultancy team helps drive change in both public and private sectors. 

How We Can Help

Our services include pioneering sustainability research and behavioural insights to measure the impact of sustainable choices, the benefits of positive change from eco-conscious innovation and how to harness your organisation’s care for the natural world.   

Explore our latest insights for additional blogs, reports and case studies surrounding sustainability, and to get an idea of how we can help your organisation.  

Work With Us

At BIT, we are committed to helping our partners by driving change through leading sustainability research and behavioural insights. 

Contact our team to begin our partnership for social change.