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Gender & Behavioural Insights

At The Behavioural Insights Team our Gender & Behavioural Insights (GABI) research programme was set up to answer one question: what works to improve gender equality and close the gender pay gap?

This research programme was funded by The Government Equalities Office and allowed The Behavioural Insights Team to observe behaviours surrounding gender and equality across sectors, evaluating and testing changes.

Behavioural Insights can be utilised for a variety of important, human research programmes, with Gender being a crucial area to observe. At BIT our work on Gender within industry is helping to bring gender insights into both public and private industry sectors, as well as opening eyes to the role of gender within organisations.

Our gender research has allowed us to provide a growing number of businesses and organisations with the knowledge and resources to use behavioural insights to provide a gender-diverse space with more rights and resources across genders for a successful behavioural insight gender strategy.

Being aware of gender issues, particularly in a business or organisation, is crucial. Offering your employees a safe, equal and committed workplace can boost workplace productivity, reduce any workplace issues and create an environment for positive change.

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Do you want to improve gender equality in the workplace? At BIT we work across industries helping to provide useful behavioural insights that can be actioned to increase gender equality in the workplace.

Interested in working with The Behavioural Insights Team to work towards gender inclusivity and equality? Get in touch with our team of behavioural insight experts for more information on how we can help you today.

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