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Government & Society

Strong societies depend on the connection between citizens and government. Since The Behavioural Insight Team’s creation, we have worked to embed a clearer understanding of human behaviour at the heart of government policy creation, while also helping members of public society to make better decisions for themselves.

At BIT we check untapped potential to foster better links between groups in our society, such as helping new arrivals settle into their community or supporting individuals struggling with loneliness.

Our work with the government has led us to a trusted position, allowing us to connect those in need with officials who can lend a helping hand or provide expert advice. Behavioural science has proven to be a vital tool, fostering healthy relationships between government and society to help create a better place for everyone.

How Can We Help

At BIT we make informed decisions and plans based on behavioural science and insights. We have partnered with a range of societal and governmental organisations to help create useful policies that bring positive outcomes to the chosen areas.

The projects and policies we have partnered on have allowed us to provide useful information to our partners to create desirable outcomes for members of the community.

Our recent blogs provide more insight and information on our recent projects and partnerships within the sector of government and society.

Work With Us

If you are looking for help on any governmental or societal projects and policies with use of behavioural science and insights, partnering with The Behavioural Insights Team could be the right choice for you.

We work with a range of partners to use data-led insights, helping us to create informed decisions that help communities together.

Whether you work in an office of government or with a community group aiming to help your local community in varying ways, our expert team at BIT is here to help. Get in touch today for more information and useful insights.