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Health & Wellbeing

We want people to live long, happy, healthy lives, but around the world healthcare systems face pressure. From ageing populations to antimicrobial resistance, healthcare provides help for a long list of incidents, accidents or diseases.

Working closely with partners such as the UK’s National Health Service, the Ministry of Health in Singapore and public health agencies around the world, the BIT Team uses behavioural insights to improve policy and systems for an improved healthcare experience. We find ways to encourage people to make healthier choices for themselves, as well as making the healthcare they rely on more accessible and affordable.

As the top contributors to years of unnecessary loss of life are behavioural, we must tackle these issues to achieve our goals.

How Can We Help

At BIT we have worked with healthcare providers across the world to find encouraging new practices using behavioural science and insights, helping patients to find relevant healthcare.

We work with partners on a selection of different projects that improve policies and services using behavioural insights and science to include new skills and information that allow for an affordable and accessible change for everyone in need.

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Work With Us

If you are a healthcare provider looking to improve policies and accessibility to public or private healthcare, behavioural insights could be a useful tool. At The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) we partner with healthcare organisations using behavioural science and insights to create a safe space that all patients are comfortable using and expanding the reach of healthcare in select areas.

Whether you are a healthcare professional or someone that works on a relevant board of advisors, the BIT Team is available to help with a wide variety of cases and insights. Contact our team for more information on our Health and Wellbeing expertise today.