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Tax & social security

Taxation and social security are fundamentally important for modern government. At BIT some of our earliest work showed that there were new ways of increasing tax compliance, apart from the traditional policy tools of fines and prosecutions.

Our team of behavioural insights experts now works with national and local governments around the world, helping them to build tax and compliance systems that take human behaviour into account. This work includes ensuring that tax policies are designed in ways that are most likely to succeed, such as for our work on the UK’s sugared drink levy.

Looking into new strategies helps to keep things fresh, whilst taking behavioural insights into account allows you to tailor your tax and social security strategy to your desired clients or audience for positive results.

At BIT we have worked on behavioural insights that focus on tax and social security for years, making us experts in the field. Our services allow us to provide in-depth insights with exciting outcomes that reduce pressure on businesses or governments requiring tax or social security payments, without causing discord with those paying the tax, creating a positive experience for everyone involved. 

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