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Work & the economy

Human behaviour drives the actions of consumers, workers and businesses, and in doing so it drives the performance of the wider economy.

Behavioural insights are a window into the eyes of the consumer, allowing you to tailor your product, service or advertisement to your desired audience. Observing behaviour and adding insights into your strategy or marketing could be the key to empowering your organisation to make ethical decisions that benefit employees, consumers and the wider economy.

At BIT we want to improve access to high-quality work; increase business productivity and growth; and improve macroeconomic policy to the benefit of citizens and businesses across the economy.

Our team of experts have worked with our partners from across industries to help create new strategies supported by behavioural insights, helping to boost business performance and benefit consumers across the globe.

At The Behavioural Insights Team, we have worked across multiple industries around the world to provide expert behavioural insights for a variety of public and private sector organisations. Behavioural insights allow you to get into the mindset of your target audience, finding the ideal way to connect and improve the financial well-being of citizens across the workforce. 

Find out more about consumers and finance and implement core strategies that help you to navigate the world of work and the economy today. At BIT we have worked on projects in the past to increase engagement and reduce financial turbulence for businesses, as well as ensuring compliance with new government legislation, such as our recent work with the gender pay gap.

Check out our recent insights on the topic with our blogs and reports and discover how projects we have worked on in the past may also show benefits for you and your business.

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