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Our FAQs

At The Behavioural Insights Team, we have collected some of our most frequently asked questions into one space, helping you to find the answers you are looking for with ease.

So how can we help?


Behavioural Insights


What are behavioural insights?

Behavioural insights are the study of human behaviour, helping to identify behavioural factors and biases that affect a person’s choices in various public situations.


What are the principles of behavioural insights?

When looking at the principles of behavioural insights you should use the EAST method. Ensuring that your insights encourage behaviour that is Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely. This method allows you to apply behavioural insights with ease.


What are the four domains of behavioural insights?

There are four dimensions to behavioural insights, these include characteristics of actor, domain, durability and scope. Including these multifaceted dimensions in your Behavioural Insights Plan allows you to see and account for multiple behaviours.


What does a Behavioural Insights Team do?

A Behavioural Insights Team creates and applies behavioural insights that help to drive positive and helpful change for people, businesses and communities.

The Behavioural Insights Team works with you to develop systems, policies, products and services by applying evidence-based insights and understanding, discovering what works best for you.


What are the benefits of behavioural insights?

Applying Behavioural Insights to a business or service offers an easy way to devise simple solutions for any issues or problems within a business. Behavioural Insights solutions are often modest and cost-effective, whilst providing an impact.



What is the importance of behavioural observation?

Behavioural observation allows us to witness the current behaviours adopted by industries, discover what works and create a Behavioural Insights Plan to help improve services, products or audience awareness.


The Behavioural Insights Team


Who is The Behavioural Insights Team?

The Behavioural Insights Team is a team of behavioural experts providing social purpose behavioural insights on a global scale. 


Who owns The Behavioural Insights Team?

Innovation Charity Nesta bought the rights to Bit in 2021.


Is BIT a government scheme?

Bit was originally a seven-person team that worked heavily with the UK government to provide social change strategies. It has evolved into a social-purpose company that works with businesses and individuals all over the world.


Who does BIT work with?

The Behavioural Insights Team works with a wide range of clients and partners to provide unparalleled behavioural insights that boost businesses. We provide our expertise for many industries across the world, including private and public sector businesses.


Where is The Behavioural Insights Team located?

Having begun in the UK, The Behavioural Insights team has grown to include offices all over the world.

Our office locations currently include Australia and New Zealand, Canada, France, Latin America and the Caribbean, Singapore, London UK, Manchester UK, New York US and Washington DC US.


Does BIT work with charities?

The Behavioural Insights Team have worked with a range of charitable organisations in the past, even publishing the ‘Applying Behavioural Insights to Charitable Giving’ article.


BIT Training


Does BIT provide behavioural insights training?

Yes, The Behavioural Insights Team provides comprehensive training for businesses and industries looking to utilise behavioural insights.


Who can access your training?

Our team has trained over 50,000 people in behavioural insights across a range of industries. For more information, get in touch.


What is included in BIT Training?

When you sign up for training with The Behavioural Insights Team you will be provided with all of the necessary tools and information to start applying your knowledge of behavioural insights to your business in a way that drives results.


Which industries can benefit from BIT Training?

At BIT our specialised training works across multiple platforms and industries. Our focus remains mostly on industries such as Economy, Consumers & Finance, Education, Health, Government & Society and Sustainability.


General FAQs


Where can I find the latest behavioural insights news?

At The Behavioural Insights Team, we provide the latest insights and news on our blog. We also have additional information in our series of Reports and Working Papers.


Do you have any resources for behavioural insights?

Yes, you can find our resources here.


Does BIT have a podcast?

Yes, our podcast ‘Inside The Nudge Unit’, can be found here.


Can I learn about behavioural science in person?

At BIT we have a selection of events to choose from, find out more here.


Discover behavioural insights with BIT

At BIT we focus on behavioural insights and science, helping to boost businesses. If you have more questions that we haven’t answered here, get in touch with our helpful team today.