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Behavioural Insights Training

Learn how to apply behavioural insights to solve your challenges

At BIT our team of experts have worked together to collate best practices and useful tips for utilising behavioural insights for your business, academy or organisation.

We have turned our expertise into useful training courses to help bring our understanding of behavioural science and insights to those in need, rewriting policies and creating a productive space for everyone involved.

Our Behavioural Insights Training Courses

Our courses include cutting-edge insights from our latest behavioural insights projects, as well as expert advice from our team. Participants receive access to our bespoke tools so they can start applying behavioural science immediately to drive results. 

Our range of behavioural insight training courses are available as both in-person and online events, allowing businesses from all over the world to tune in and gain the benefits of behavioural insights knowledge.

We have trained over 50,000 people in applying behavioural insights and have helped establish dozens of behavioural insights teams over the years. 

Applying Behavioural Science to Business Challenges

Our newest course has been created exclusively for business leaders and organisation executives, helping them to understand business insights and how they can help within business.

A one-day intensive session, this course teaches you how to action and apply behavioural skills for positive business results.

Train Your Team to Think Like a Behavioural Scientist

Build behavioural insight capacity within your team with our behavioural insights courses.

Our Courses for teams include the fundamentals of behavioural insights, behavioural science methods and tools, as well as courses on building behavioural science teams and our behavioural insights academy.

No matter your needs or desired outcomes, our range of courses covers all bases to help you utilise your new knowledge.

Train Your Team in Behavioural Insights

As well as offering courses for groups and individuals, our range of team courses allows you to build behavioural insights capacity throughout your team.

Our team courses can be completely customised to include your team’s personal goals and challenges for effective results.

Bespoke Training on Psychological Topics

Behavioural insights are closely connected with psychology, which is why we have a selection of training courses on psychological topics delivered by our team of behavioural scientists, economists and psychologists.

Our courses in this section include employee well-being, psychological safety and increasing organisational productivity as well as other important course topics.

Behavioural Science in Practice

An immersive course run in collaboration with the Warwick Business School, this course introduces the principles of behavioural science and ways in which to apply them in real-world situations.

This course is available through Warwick Business School.

Begin Your Behavioural Insights Training Today with BIT

Explore how you can apply behavioural insights within your organisation with help from The Behavioural Insights Team today.

To discuss your requirements please explore our training portfolio and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team for more information.

“I really enjoyed this training. It was the best and most useful bit of learning I’ve done to date. So much so, I watched the whole thing again today and made sure I got everything jotted down. I got more insight/feedback in 1 day than in 12 weeks on the job.”

Course participant

"The tools and methodology are problem-oriented rather than solution-oriented which sharpens our analysis and allows us to explore blind spots we could otherwise miss. We are uncovering new insights for our project about women’s financial inclusion, such as the importance of personalised financial products."

Course participant

"One of the best training I have attended. Excellent facilitators who were inclusive, welcoming and really mindful and considerate of their audience. [...] Lots of opportunities were provided for us to apply the learnings to our own organisational challenges."

Course participant

"I have sent several members of my team on BIT’s training programmes over the years and, in terms of what they got out of it and what they brought back to their work, it is the best such course I have seen in my career."

Course participant

"Hearing about the psychology from the experts and researchers themselves was incredibly interesting. The TESTS methodology offers a quick framework to move along in applying behavioural science to all different types of problems."

Course participant

"The training provided by BIT has been fantastic. Each session was very well planned with the perfect balance of listening, group tasks, and individual input via questions and answers. The presentation slides used for each session were easy to follow, with some brilliant examples of behaviour change."

Course participant

We'd love to chat and learn more about your key goals and challenges