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Understand behaviour

Understanding the Essence of Human Behaviour

Known for offering accurate analyses of why people act as they do. The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) stands as a beacon for dissecting the intricacies behind human actions. Renowned for its proficiency in applying the principles of psychology and behavioural economics, BIT delves into an extensive spectrum of disciplines to decode the motivations driving human behaviour.

To ensure our results are accurate and representative of a wide group of people, we draw on insights from a wide range of fields:

  • We use data science to offer sophisticated ways of detecting meaningful patterns in datasets. For example, we have shown how machine learning can identify poor-performing medical providers or schools without the need for direct inspection.
  • Through human-centred design, we engage with service users to understand their experiences and how they are trying to achieve their goals. For example, we have explored why witnesses to sexual harrassment do not act and the importance of learning through play in refugee settlements.   
  • We use systems thinking approaches to identify the wider factors influencing individual and organisational choices. For example, we showed the systemic factors driving the use of single-use plastics in the Solomon Islands, which led to national policy changes.  

Multifaceted Insights

At BI.Team, we go beyond traditional limits in our quest to understand human behaviour. Our team explores diverse fields to uncover the secrets behind why people act the way they do.

Our experts leverage the power of data science to unravel intricate behavioural patterns within the vast datasets collected. This analytical approach illuminates concealed inefficiencies, paving the way for targeted interventions and improvements.

Exploring Experiences & Identifying Influential Factors to Promote Human-Centred Design

Engagement with people lies at the core of BIT’s approach. Through human-centred design methodologies, the team delves into the experiences of individuals, comprehending their aspirations and endeavours.
BIT uses systems thinking methods to understand the complex network of factors that impact how individuals and organisations make choices. By examining these systemic influences, the team uncovered the key reasons behind the widespread use of single-use plastics in the Solomon Islands. This understanding led to changes in national policies focused on reducing environmental damage.

A Unifying Approach to Understanding Behaviour With the Behavioural Insights Team

Irrespective of the diverse fields from which insights are drawn, BIT’s ingenious team remains steadfast in their commitment to meticulous examination of evidence. Their knack for uncovering hidden insights, often overlooked by others, persists as a hallmark of their innovative prowess.

In essence, the Behavioral Insights Team brings together an array of disciplines, wielding them as tools to decode the complexities of human behaviour. The interdisciplinary approach, keen eye for detail, and passion for growth, consistently unearth profound insights that illuminate the path toward impactful change.

Ready to explore the depths of human behaviour and drive impactful change? 

Join us at the Behavioral Insights Team as we explore why people behave the way they do, through an interdisciplinary lens. Let’s work together to create a brighter future. Reach out today and join us in understanding and improving behaviour.

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