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  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 23rd Apr 2021

A decade of ‘nudge’ – In conversation with pioneers (part 1 of 2)

Recorded for our 10 year anniversary, Professor David Halpern, CEO of BIT, sits down with the founders and pioneers of behavioural economics, Prof. Richard Thaler, Prof. Cass Sunstein and Dr Maya Shanker to discuss how ‘nudge’ has evolved over the last decade and where the science of human behaviour is…

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 22nd Apr 2021

Creating better markets

Professor David Halpern, speaks to the New South Wales Minister for Customer Service, Victor Dominello and discuss why other governments should have a Minister for Customer Service, how behavioural insights can improve economic policy, how markets can be made more transparent and when governments should intervene in markets

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 21st Apr 2021

Creating‌ ‌‌evidence-based‌ ‌government‌

Alex Gyani in Sydney and Alex Sutherland in London discuss what being a fully evidenced based government means and how we can get there by highlight how BIT has been able to run trials at scale and how ‘nudge’ trials compare to those run in academia and exploring the promise…

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 20th Apr 2021

You can’t read your way out of a complex policy problem

In this podcast, Alex Gyani and Rory Gallagher speak to colleagues in BIT Sydney about their experiences of going out into the field and some of the insights they took from that process. We’ll describe projects that have tackled domestic violence, unemployment and the health and safety of gig economy…

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 18th Mar 2021

Introducing Inside The Nudge Unit

Inside The Nudge Unit, the new podcast series from the world’s first Nudge Unit, The Behavioural Insights Team