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  • Publication
  • 28th Apr 2016

Behavioural insights and healthier lives

Dr David Halpern, CEO of the UK-based Behavioural Insights Team, summarises his stint as VicHealth’s inaugural Leading Thinker. Throughout his residency, David’s influence has introduced behavioural insights to VicHealth and partners as an approach to address the health and wellbeing issues facing Victoria.

  • Academic publication
  • 12th May 2016

Does the heart rule the head? Economic and emotional incentives for university attendance

Young people from low income families and in rural areas have been shown to be less likely to attend university than their wealthier counterparts, even with the same grades.

  • Report
  • 26th May 2016

Applying behavioural insights to regulated markets

In this report we set out a new vision, arguing that placing behavioural insights at the heart of regulation will reap significant benefits for consumers.

  • Report
  • 8th Jun 2016

Volviéndose global: Un nuevo reporte sobre cómo aplicar ciencias del comportamiento al ámbito de la salud.

Este reporte también está disponible en inglés Realizarse la prueba de diabetes puede ser molesto. La prueba más barata y eficaz requiere que las personas ayunen hasta 10 horas antes .Sumado a esto, si las personas carecen de síntomas, también pueden tener poca conciencia o motivación para hacerse la prueba…

  • Academic publication
  • 15th Jun 2016

Behavioral Interventions in Tax Compliance: Evidence from Guatemala

This paper presents results from a large (43,387) nationwide randomized controlled trial in Guatemala that used reminders to promote tax compliance.

  • Academic publication
  • 21st Jun 2016

Casting the Tax Net Wider: Experimental Evidence from Costa Rica

The majority of firms in developing countries are informal, and encouraging them to register with the tax authority has proven challenging and costly.

  • Academic publication
  • 23rd Jun 2016

Applying Behavioral Insights to Health Policy: Progress So Far and Challenges to Be Met

Governments are showing a growing interest in applying findings from behavioural science to the administration of public health and health care.

  • Publication
  • 8th Jul 2016

Decision-making in children’s social care: quantitative analysis

Every day, social work practitioners make decisions about the wellbeing of thousands of vulnerable children and families. These decisions are often complex, concerning emotive issues in conditions of uncertainty. They are often made under both time and resource pressure. This report uses raw data on social work cases to reveal…

  • Report
  • 8th Aug 2016

Counting Calories: How under-reporting can explain the apparent fall in calorie intake

In the UK, official statistics show a decline in calorie consumption over the past 40 years, yet the population has continued to gain weight over this period. BIT decided to look more closely at how the official statistics on calorie intake are collected. This resulted in some surprising new findings,…

  • Publication
  • 25th Aug 2016

Moments of choice

The Behavioural Insights Team was commissioned by the Careers and Enterprise Company to talk to young people about their future careers and aspirations, the resources they draw upon to make these decisions and the context in which decisions occur.