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  • 19th Aug 2015

BIT is hiring researchers

We are looking for Associate Advisors to join our Research and Evaluation Team. The research and evaluation team works across the policy spectrum on randomised controlled trial design, intervention design, and evaluation. Candidates should have a strong social science background, ideally with some research experience or a good level of…

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  • 21st Aug 2015

Inside the Nudge Unit - out on 27th August!

  Inside the Nudge Unit is David Halpern’s first-hand account of the Behavioural Insights Team (or Nudge Unit as we quickly became known). The book explores the results of the team as it set out to translate psychological theory and an experimental approach into everyday policy. What makes Inside the Nudge Unit different…

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  • 28th Aug 2015

Inside the Nudge Unit was published this week.

Inside the Nudge Unit was published this week by WHAllen. I wanted to email out partly to say thanks to the many people who have contributed to the success of the team and the wider application of behavioural science and experimentation to policy. I also wanted to give you the the…

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  • 1st Sep 2015

Nudging for good - David Halpern and Owain Service

As the world leading behavioural scientists gather in London to share new and remarkable results, a new book - Inside the Nudge Unit – urges we ‘nudge for good’, and all keep an eye on who nudges the nudgers. This week, the world’s leading behavioural experts are gathering in the…

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  • 9th Sep 2015

We're hiring!

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is looking to recruit a Ventures Start-up Manager to help shape and manage the development of a suite of commercial products that apply world class behavioural science to achieve large-scale social impact. As well as working across a range of ideas in the pipeline the…

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  • 28th Sep 2015

Using a lottery to incentivise voter registration

A lottery made people register faster, saving the local authority money, but did not change the overall rates of voter registration

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  • 16th Oct 2015

World Statistics Day

It’s ‘World Statistics Day’ on October 20th! OK, it’s not quite as exciting as Christmas, but it does merit a moment of reflection - at least to encourage a next generation to marvel and pursue the wonder of statistics. As a young lecturer at Cambridge, my then Faculty made the…

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  • 22nd Oct 2015

Reducing missed appointments

One in ten hospital outpatient appointments is missed – people don’t turn up, and don’t cancel or rearrange in advance. That’s 5.5 million appointments every year in England alone. Missed appointments lead to people not getting the care they need, when they need it. They also lead to costs to…

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  • 27th Oct 2015

Victoria’s Citizens’ Jury on Obesity

Wow! I'm writing this heading back from Australia, from the citizens’ jury VicHealth have just supported on obesity. It was a very powerful, and moving, process. Having seen the jury in action, it is hard to imagine a future of democracy – and the application of behavioural science to policy –…

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  • 4th Nov 2015

We're hiring!

The Behavioural Insights Team is looking for an exceptional candidate to join as a Senior Advisor leading work on Crime, Justice and Home Affairs.  You will lead a range of projects across the Home Affairs portfolio of work looking at ways in which behavioural insights can be applied to policy problems. For more…