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  • Blog
  • 30th Apr 2021

How can we encourage institutional investors to make climate friendly decisions?

To combat climate change, US$90 trillion is needed in sustainable investments by 2030. However markets aren’t moving fast enough. The Paris Climate Agreement calls out the role of the finance industry in boosting green innovation and low carbon industries. The question remains however, as to whether shifting to more sustainable…

  • Blog
  • 28th Apr 2021

How can we use behavioural science to promote vaccination against COVID-19 in Latin America?

On World Immunization Week, we want to share some of the learnings from our work promoting vaccination against COVID-19. For example, in Colombia, we found that a simple reciprocity message increased vaccination intent by 15% among the most skeptical population. We estimate that if these messages were sent to the…

  • Blog
  • 28th Apr 2021

¿Cómo fomentar la vacunación contra el COVID-19 a través de las ciencias del comportamiento en América Latina?

En la semana mundial de la inmunización, queremos compartir algunos de los aprendizajes de nuestro trabajo fomentando la vacunación contra el COVID-19. Por ejemplo, en Colombia, encontramos que un mensaje simple, de reciprocidad, aumentó en un 15% la intención de vacunación entre la población más escéptica. Estimamos que si estos…

  • Blog
  • 23rd Apr 2021

Nudging bystanders to fight sexual harassment isn’t easy, but could make perpetrators think twice

Many of us would like to think we’d do something to stop sexual harassment if it happened right in front of our eyes. Indeed when we surveyed over 3,000 commuters getting off public buses in Dhaka, 9 out of 10 respondents listed at least one helpful action they would take…

  • Blog
  • 22nd Apr 2021

Vaccine communications: Equipping community advocates with behavioural science principles

How can governments, nonprofits, and others promote vaccine uptake among people that are questioning or hesitant? 

  • Blog
  • 9th Apr 2021

Practicalities are the most significant impediments to people getting a COVID vaccine - and the easiest to address

People’s willingness to receive the coronavirus vaccine may not be enough to actually get it. Large intention-action gaps have long been observed in many health behaviours, and it’s likely that some practical barriers will get in the way for many groups. To pre-empt this intention-action gap, we ran an online…

  • Blog
  • 8th Apr 2021

Results from (probably) the first behavioural experiments with landlords in the UK

There is a growing need to establish effective ways to encourage private landlords to let properties to those on Universal Credit, both from a property owner and renter point of view. To address the dearth of evidence in this space, we ran two online randomised controlled trials, using our experiment platform…

  • Blog
  • 26th Mar 2021

Why policymakers need Netflix, and why Netflix needs behavioural insights

Mass media interventions have been successful at shifting a variety of behaviours, from encouraging HIV testing in Nigeria through an MTV show Shuga, to reducing inter-ethnic prejudice in Rwanda through radio shows, to increasing reporting of domestic violence using short films at film festivals in Uganda. But understanding how mass media…

  • Blog
  • 19th Mar 2021

Cuatro mensajes que pueden motivar la vacunación contra el COVID-19

En Estados Unidos, más de un cuarto de la población no está dispuesta a vacunarse contra el COVID-19. Esta estadística es preocupante, dado que muchas de las personas que muestran desconfianza pertenecen a las comunidades más afectadas por el COVID-19. Nos enfrentamos a una necesidad urgente de salud pública, no…

  • Blog
  • 16th Mar 2021

Narratives as a tool: shifting mindsets at scale

Stories provide an accessible way of presenting complex issues. They make it easier for us to relate to people from different backgrounds. Stories' ability to transport us can also make us less likely to push back against the assumptions in a narrative. They can even change health behaviors; researchers have…