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  • Blog
  • 23rd Mar 2020

Bright infographics & minimal text make handwashing posters most effective - result from an online experiment

Many governments and health authorities have already created posters and infographics to encourage people to thoroughly wash their hands. We decided to test some of these in order to identify which were most effective.

  • Blog
  • 19th Mar 2020

900 million children and young people are learning from home. What works best?

As the UK prepares for schools to shut tomorrow, this post explores the evidence on what works for remote learning and provides ideas for how to help parents support their children’s learning at home, based on our experience running a number of projects in this space

  • Blog
  • 17th Mar 2020

Covid-19: ¿Cómo promover los comportamientos adecuados para reducir la velocidad de contagio?

Nuestra recomendación es seguir las directrices de las autoridades sanitarias del país en que te encuentres. Nuestra especialidad no es la medicina o la epidemiología, sino las ciencias del comportamiento. Las ideas recogidas en este artículo van dirigidas a ayudar a los lectores a cumplir con las recomendaciones de las…

  • Blog
  • 12th Mar 2020

Covid-19: The role of corporations in spreading or containing the pandemic

The coronavirus is, first and foremost, a global health issue, and we should not underestimate the role that organisations can play in thwarting its spread and impact. 

  • Blog
  • 6th Mar 2020

More than a few bad apples? What behavioural science tells us about reducing sexual harassment

With Harvey Weinstein’s recent conviction for sexual crimes, it feels like some progress has been made towards taking sexual harassment more seriously. As behavioural scientists working on gender equality, we try to understand how to best combat sexual harassment in the workplace - and whether it is, indeed, about more…

  • Blog
  • 5th Mar 2020

How to stop touching our faces in the wake of the Coronavirus

As COVID-19 cases spread across the globe, people are starting to get some consistent advice on what they can do to avoid the virus. In addition to washing their hands and coughing or sneezing into a tissue (or your elbow), people are being told to not touch their faces. The problem…

  • Blog
  • 3rd Mar 2020

R&D in the Third Sector

At BIT we’ve been doing a growing amount of work in recent years to support third sector organisations and funders to develop their programmes, particularly in the fields of social action and social capital. This often involves helping organisations to develop theories of change and do robust evaluations. In the…

  • Blog
  • 28th Feb 2020

Providing a substitute for single-use plastics in the Pacific

With 240kg of plastic waste entering the ocean every second, the need to radically reduce single-use plastics has never been more urgent. 

  • Blog
  • 24th Feb 2020

Covid-19: how do we encourage the right behaviours during an epidemic?

It's only February but here at BIT we think we have a strong contender for word of the year (take note Oxford English Dictionary!): Misinfodemic (noun): the spread of a particular health outcome or disease facilitated by viral misinformation This is hardly a new phenomenon - the proliferation of misinformation…

  • Blog
  • 19th Feb 2020

Making it easier to live a healthy life

We all know that it would be a good idea to eat more fresh fruit and veg and to cut down on Domino's Pizza and KFC. Yet faced with a choice between a delicious piece of cake or a raw carrot, our good intentions often go unfulfilled.  How then are…