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  • Blog
  • 28th Jan 2021

Going local with the COVID-19 vaccine

While national campaigns for the COVID-19 vaccine often focus on encouraging uptake across broad and easy to reach segments of the population, Local Authorities are often responsible for 'last mile' work ensuring that messages reach those who are digitally excluded, those who don’t speak English or those who might be…

  • Blog
  • 27th Jan 2021

Skills for jobs

In 2020, the redundancy rate in the UK reached a record high, with low skilled workers, women, and young people among the worst affected. The pandemic has revealed fault lines in economic inequalities and investment in skills and lifelong learning is key to addressing this issue. That is why we…

  • Blog
  • 20th Jan 2021

Making gambling safer: deposit limit tools and the anchoring effect

The Behavioural Insights Team has today launched its new report on how to improve the industry-standard safer gambling tools that are designed to help people control how much they spend. We found that people who gamble reduce their spending limits by almost half once industry-set options are removed from view.…

  • Blog
  • 12th Jan 2021

What schools and colleges can do for their students’ mental wellbeing during the pandemic

With time and resources stretched, and a new lockdown moving us back to remote learning, what can schools and colleges actually do to support student wellbeing? Over the past six months, we’ve teamed up with the Sixth Form Colleges Association to answer this question. Our new guide for mental wellbeing in…

  • Blog
  • 11th Jan 2021

Holding up our (behavioural) guard long enough for the vaccine to take hold

CEO David Halpern takes a look at who is willing to get the COVID-19 vaccines and what we can do to encourage their uptake.

  • Blog
  • 7th Jan 2021

REACH OUT: An employer’s guide to using behavioral insights in supporting staff mental health and wellbeing

The societal side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are harmful and wide-reaching. People are living through unprecedented unemployment, economic hardship, and startling increases in domestic and child abuse. As a result, these overlapping crises are taking a toll on people’s mental health and wellbeing. As such, we present a summary list…

  • Blog
  • 6th Jan 2021

BIT Goes to Washington

It’s now one year since BIT set up its office in Washington, DC - we reflect on establishing ourselves in this new market in an exciting but unusual time.

  • Blog
  • 17th Dec 2020

COVID-19 vaccines: what can we learn from a French experiment in care homes?

The last few weeks have been marked by some of the first good news of 2020 - the dawn of several COVID-19 vaccines upon their approval from multiple global healthcare regulatory agencies. The news has been accompanied by the launch of concurrent campaigns from governments and health organisations to improve…

  • Blog
  • 17th Dec 2020

Vaccin anti-covid: quelles leçons peut-on tirer d'une expérimentation en EHPAD?

Les annonces de vaccins efficaces se sont enchaînées ces dernières semaines, nous permettant à tous de voir enfin une lumière à la fin du tunnel. La France, comme beaucoup d’autres pays, se prépare donc à administrer les vaccins anti-covid dès janvier 2021. On le sait déjà - les doses vont arriver…

  • Blog
  • 16th Dec 2020

Mass testing: What can Medway learn from Slovakia?

As of Monday, the first of 67 ‘Tier 3’ local authorities have started community COVID-19 testing in the UK. This mass testing effort is intended to help them stop the spread of coronavirus and slow the rapid transmission of the virus to lower Tiers. As local leaders of Oldham, Lancashire…