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Build Back Better – Changing work for the better

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses around the world to adapt to a ‘new normal’. The workplace has changed. Bustling offices have been replaced with makeshift desks at kitchen counters and the 9 to 5 workday has dissolved into a more flexible regime to accommodate a range of caring responsibilities.

The transition has not been easy for employers, who, facing down the barrel of an economic recession, have had to evolve and innovate to maintain their viability. Employees have grappled with the changes too – sometimes with relish and sometimes with new found appreciation for past office habits and boundaries. The disruption to work life caused by the pandemic, while taxing, also presents organisations with an unprecedented opportunity to decide which aspects of the pre-COVID working system they want to keep and which parts they’d rather retire.

In our 4th episode of the Hindsight 2020: Build Back Better series we bring experts in policy and industry together to explore; how the pandemic has changed the workplace; how these disruptions have impacted productivity and wellbeing; and how organisations can avoid sliding back into pre-COVID work patterns.

Speakers include:
Emma Stewart MBE – Timewise; Steve Collinson – Zurich Insurance; Peter Cheese – CIPD; Hannah Burd & Johannes Lohmann – BIT


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