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Making markets better – a behavioural perspective

Why do markets fail? How do we know what works in markets? And why is it important to centre human behaviour?

Join The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) and the UTS Centre for Policy and Market Design (CPMD) for this virtual webinar to discover how we might take a behavioural lens to policymaking in order to create stronger, more inclusive and more sustainable markets and economies.

Using BIT’s Making Markets Better policy manifesto as a launching pad, our panelists will take to the stage to chat about why markets fail, why human behaviour is so important to markets, and what actually works to make markets better.

With thanks to our panel participants:

  • Professor Lionel Page, UTS Centre for Policy and Market Design
  • Rose Webb, Deputy Secretary for NSW Better Regulation Division and Commissioner for NSW Fair Trading
  • Gillian Boyes, Manager Investor Capability, Financial Market Authority New Zealand
  • Professor Robert Slonim, University of Sydney
  • Will Mailer, Head of Behavioural Economics, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Professor Jeroen van der Heijden, Chair of Regulatory Practice, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Dave Trudinger, Director of the NSW Behavioural Insights Unit, Dept of Customer Service

Watch the webinar here