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Andrew Schein

Senior Advisor

Andrew is a Senior Advisor and oversees projects in BIT’s work in decarbonisation, energy, and water efficiency. Andrew manages our work with BEIS assessing energy suppliers’ estimate of the impact of smart meters, manages BIT’s partnership with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland assessing the evidence of new energy-saving products’ impact on energy consumption, and works with energy and water companies to increase households’ resource efficiency.

This year, Andrew is also seconded 50% of his time to Nesta, where he is the Lead Behavioural Scientist for their A Sustainable Future mission.

Before coming to BIT, Andrew was one of the first 20 employees at Bulb, at the time a fast-growing energy supplier start-up. Other previous experience includes work as a project manager at Feedback, an anti-food-waste environmental campaigning organisation; and helping start Toast, a social enterprise making beer from bread that would have otherwise been thrown away.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stanford University, where he focused on environmental economics.