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Dr Filippo Bianchi

Principal Advisor

Filippo is a Principal Advisor in BIT’s health team. Filippo specialises in applying behavioural insights to develop interventions aimed at preventing non-communicable diseases. He has led on a wide range of research projects spanning from qualitative studies exploring barriers and facilitators affecting uptake of healthcare services, to in-depth evidence reviews, and novel experimental evaluations of interventions promoting health behaviour change. Filippo has published several peer reviewed articles on how behavioural sciences can contribute to promote healthier and more sustainable eating behaviours. Before joining BIT, Filippo completed a PhD in Health Behaviours at the University of Oxford, and MPhil in Public Health at the University of Cambridge, and an MSc in Health Psychology at the University of St Andrews. Filippo is also the Lead Behavioural Scientist in the ‘A Healthy Life Mission’ of the innovation Charity Nesta.