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Preventing workplace sexual harassment

Creating a respectful workplace: evidence-based training workshops to prevent sexual harassment

The new Australian Respect@Work legislation means that all employers must proactively prevent workplace sexual harassment. But beyond basic training and compliance checklists, the path to a workplace free of sexual harassment is complex and challenging. At BIT, we specialise in empowering internal teams—particularly People & Culture, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Work Health & Safety— to put innovative and proven approaches in place. Our expert evidence-based training and workshops will provide your staff with the tools to identify and apply practical interventions. Rooted in behavioural insights, our approach provides your organisation with meaningful ways to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace.

Check out this recording of our free webinar to explore the transformative potential of behavioural science in preventing workplace sexual harassment.


Why is Behavioural Science the best way to get the results you need?

1 in 3 Australians have been sexually harassed at work in the past 5 years, and sexual harassment is costing the Australian economy billions of dollars. But the good news is that workplace sexual harassment is preventable.

Sexual harassment is fundamentally about behaviour: we believe a behavioural science approach is the most powerful way of understanding and tackling problematic behaviours in the workplace. 

How we can help

Employers spend millions of dollars and hours on training courses. Yet traditional training typically fails to address behaviours: unless you specifically address behaviours through targeted initiatives, you are unlikely to see meaningful change in your workplace.

To support you on your journey towards a workplace free from sexual harassment, we’re offering something different. Our innovative evidence-based approach provides you with practical insights and tools to:

  • understand behaviours in your workplace
  • target the specific behaviours you want to change
  • design and implement targeted interventions
  • evaluate what works (and what doesn’t).

This is a unique learning and development opportunity to upskill in behavioural science principles and techniques with access to specialists who have expertise, experience and a passion for creating and implementing meaningful behaviour change in the workplace.

Who‘s this for?

Ultimately this is for the benefit of the whole workplace and organisation – and we know that the teams and staff best placed to make that change happen are those with remits such as People & Culture, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, or Work Health & Safety.

How our workshops will help you

In our workshops, we dive into topics such as active bystanding, what works (and what doesn’t) when combatting sexual harassment, how to use social norm messaging as a behaviour change tool, and how to run an effective campaign. 

Following our workshops you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of sexual harassment, and the key drivers of workplace behaviours
  • explain what is meant by behavioural insights and how they can be applied to reduce sexual harassment in their workplace
  • apply a range of behavioural insights methods and tools to identify and design practical interventions to reduce workplace sexual harassment
  • identify opportunities to apply a behavioural approach to improve other behaviours in their workplace

The practicalities 

We offer a range of workshops to suit your organisation. We can tailor our program to your organisation so that the workshops focus on the specific issues relevant to you and your team. Typically this will involve:

  • an initial briefing call to identify your needs and participants
  • workshops conducted in your workplace (In person or virtually), delivered by expert BIT practitioners
  • the opportunity for post workshop coaching and implementation support from our experts.

Want to find out more?

Watch our recent webinar on preventing sexual harassment, including case studies and a panel discussion.
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