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  • Report
  • 16th Sep 2022

Assessment of consumer demand for gambling industry transparency

BIT ran an online experiment with a sample of 2,034 UK frequent gamblers to better understand what information consumers value when choosing a gambling operator to bet with.

  • The top two attributes that people who gamble favour are price and value, and customer service information. However, there were overall only small differences between the factors measured. 
  • Gamblers are not loyal to particular operators, with the majority (57%) having used 5 or more operators in the last 6 months. Comparatively, in a study of online gamblers in 2020, the Gambling Commission found that the mean number of accounts held in the last 12 months was 2.1 accounts. 
  • When asked where they would go to view a company’s safer gambling policies, such as the ability to set a session time reminder, 1 in 6 participants said they would not look for safer gambling policies. This suggests there is a group of gamblers where greater transparency on safer gambling may be ineffective.

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