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How to build a Net Zero society

Using behavioural insights to decarbonise home energy, transport, food, and material consumption

  • Report
  • 25th Jan 2023

Key findings from this new report

  • 88% of people in the UK would like to make more sustainable choices they could
  • 88% feel it's too hard to make sustainable choices because of high costs, inconvenience, limited knowledge or other barriers
  • 86% wish leadership on the environment (from government and businesses) was stronger
  • 86% would like government and businesses to do more to help make more sustainable choices

Tackling climate change is not only a moral and legal obligation in the UK, but is also the growth opportunity of the 21st century, and is backed by huge public support.

Delivery of Net Zero depends on substantial social and behavioural change. Backed by new research from BIT into public attitudes which are broadly highly supportive of strong leadership from policymakers and industry in helping people make sustainable choices, this major new report examines:

  • (i) the barriers people face when trying to make greener choices
  • (ii) the evidence and theory of behavioural change
  • (iii) the complex processes of innovation and diffusion of ideas and technologies, and
  • (iv) the data on public attitudes and support for policy, we can begin to sketch out a viable blueprint for a society in which green lifestyles can actually flourish.