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  • 18th Jul 2019

Improving consumer understanding of contractual terms and privacy policies: evidence-based actions for businesses

Best Practice Guide

Key findings

  • Paypal's T&Cs are longer than #Hamlet. Do your customers understand or even read your website’s #T&Cs? Here’s our guide on how to present T&Cs.
  • ‘I have read and accepted the T&Cs’ may be the biggest lie on the #internet. We can start to address this with simple changes to how #T&Cs are presented.
  • Simple presentation tools can increase #consumer understanding of #T&Cs by up to 36%.

An evidence-based, best practice guide on presenting contractual terms and privacy policies. Commissioned by BEIS, and working in collaboration with regulators and academics, we designed and tested 18 techniques to improve consumer engagement and understanding. 

Telling customers how long a privacy policy normally takes to read increased opening rates by 105 per cent. Using a question-and-answer format to present key terms, and summarising key terms and illustrating them with explanatory icons, both increased understanding of T&Cs by more than 30 per cent.

This guide is for all businesses who want to help their consumers better understand their T&Cs. Alongside the best practice guide, we are also publishing a full technical report and background literature review.

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