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  • Report
  • 24th Aug 2021

Using edutainment to encourage COVID helpline calls in the presence of stigma

Key findings

  • Social stigma around #COVID19 can stop people from accessing helpful resources. Our new report outlines how we employed edutainment to encourage people in Bangladesh to reach out to a COVID helpline. 📺
  • We used the messenger effect to encourage engagement with a #COVID19 helpline in Bangladesh. Our video showed an Imam preaching to the community via a microphone and encouraging them to call the helpline. ☎️
  • Clear calls to action and repeated messaging can encourage people in Bangladesh to call a #COVID19 helpline despite the social stigma surrounding the illness. 👍

Continuing a collaboration started in March 2017, the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) and the Access to Information (a2i) team of the Bangladeshi government came together in mid-2020 to explore how behavioural insights could be applied and tested as part of the government’s Covid-19 pandemic response. This report summarises our findings.

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Dr Dan Brown

Principal Advisor

Dilhan Perera

Senior Research Advisor

Ben Szreter

Senior Policy Advisor to the CEO

Laura Litvine

Director - BIT France

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Purabi Matin

Access to Information (a2i)

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Mehdi Hassan

Access to Information (a2i)

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Esthiak Khan

Access to Information (a2i)

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Ariful Islam

Access to Information (a2i)