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  • Blog
  • 4th Oct 2023

Saving more than just money: what does it take to support reductions in alcohol consumption?

Alcohol consumption is a significant public health challenge globally, contributing to an estimated 3 million deaths every year; 5.3% of all deaths worldwide.  COVID-19 might have further increased the harms from alcohol consumption: Public Health Scotland published new statistics in March 2023 showing that the number of deaths occurring as…

  • Blog
  • 16th Jun 2021

Buying better: improving NHS procurement with behavioural insights

Hospital procurement may never attract the same level of attention as other parts of the NHS, but it is nonetheless a crucial element of our healthcare system and one with clear room for improvement. Digital procurement platforms are often outdated and incredibly complex, making the job of procurement staff much…

  • Report
  • 16th Jun 2021

Buying better: Improving NHS procurement with behavioural insights

n this report we outline how behavioural insights can help to understand the barriers within digital hospital procurement platforms and develop solutions to overcome such barriers and improve procurement efficiency by reducing errors and generating savings. Whilst the ideas in this note are based on our programme of work for…

  • Blog
  • 24th Apr 2020

From pilot to policy - breaking down barriers to vaccine uptake

Vaccines are one of the most effective public health interventions we have: it is estimated that between 2-3 million deaths are averted each year because of immunisation. The race to find a vaccine for Covid-19 shows just how important they are in protecting our lives and livelihoods. However, despite living…

  • Report
  • 22nd Apr 2020

Increasing vaccine uptake in low- and middle-income countries

This report includes a landscape analysis of the existing evidence for how behavioural insights can increase uptake of vaccines in LMICs.

  • Blog
  • 24th Feb 2020

Covid-19: how do we encourage the right behaviours during an epidemic?

It's only February but here at BIT we think we have a strong contender for word of the year (take note Oxford English Dictionary!): Misinfodemic (noun): the spread of a particular health outcome or disease facilitated by viral misinformation This is hardly a new phenomenon - the proliferation of misinformation…