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  • Blog
  • 14th Dec 2020

Automatic switching: a win for consumers and behavioural public policy

I doubt any of us would say no to a £300 windfall. Indeed, most of us would be thrilled! It could cover the Christmas shopping, pay a chunk off your credit card bill or simply boost your rainy day savings fund. The good news is that the typical UK household…

  • Blog
  • 23rd Oct 2019

And the award goes to...

Each year, the BX Awards celebrate the finest researchers and practitioners in the field of behavioural science. Here we take a look at the 2019 winners and runner-ups and their impactful work.

  • Report
  • 18th Jul 2019

Improving consumer understanding of contractual terms and privacy policies: evidence-based actions for businesses

This guide is for all businesses who want to help their consumers better understand their T&C’s.

  • Blog
  • 18th Jul 2019

Terms & Conditions Apply

Today we published our best practice guide on how to present contractual terms and privacy policies. Commissioned by BEIS, this guide is for all businesses who want to help their consumers better understand their T&Cs.

  • Blog
  • 25th Jan 2019

More speakers announced for BX2019

We are excited to announce that three more speakers have been confirmed for the Behavioural Exchange conference on 5th and 6th September 2019.

  • Blog
  • 21st Jun 2018

The minefield of modern dating: why businesses need to up their game on the small print

Putting your photo and personal information on an online dating site is a hopeful act, whether you’re looking for a lifelong companion or something more… short term. It’s also a show of trust - and not just between you and your fellow users. You are putting your trust in the…

  • Blog
  • 12th Apr 2018

Modernising consumer markets: the Consumer Green Paper

At BIT, we are passionate about ensuring that consumers benefit from well-functioning markets — from better deals to higher quality services. We want governments, regulators and businesses to, in Richard Thaler’s phrase, ‘nudge for good’. The UK Government’s Consumer Green Paper, published yesterday, encourages just that. The Green Paper is…

  • Blog
  • 12th Feb 2018

One letter that triples energy switching

In the UK, 9.5 million households can save over £300 a year by switching energy supplier. For many people that is a substantial boost to their household budget, and yet in a survey of UK consumers, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that 34% of respondents had never considered…

  • Blog
  • 6th Oct 2016

Setting smarter defaults for workplace pensions

By changing the default from opt-in to opt-out, automatic enrolment is successfully reversing the long-term decline in the number of people saving into workplace pensions in the UK. Opt-out rates have been between 8 and 14 per cent, rather than the 28 per cent the Department for Work and Pensions…

  • Blog
  • 26th May 2016

Applying behavioural insights to regulated markets

It’s clear that regulated markets are not currently delivering the best outcomes for UK consumers. In the UK, we are collectively overpaying for mobile phone contracts by £355 million a year and almost 9.5 million households would be able to save over £300 each year by switching energy provider. In…