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  • 5th Dec 2023

Three remarkable new findings in PISA - the worlds guide to how our kids are learning (or not)

In the world of education, the PISA results are the World Cup, Olympics and Oscars all rolled into one. For a generation they have provided the benchmark study on how well our children are learning - and how well our educational systems are performing. 

  • Report
  • 4th Dec 2023

From Gen Z for Gen Z: Marketing Insights for Government Employers

The United States needs technological innovation to solve its most pressing problems—the climate crisis, health care costs, and more. Unfortunately, too few people with cutting-edge skills are interested in working in the federal government. Only 4% of federal government technologists are under 30, while over half are approaching retirement.  How…

  • Blog
  • 4th Dec 2023

Pounds for pylons - when do incentives backfire?

People living ‘close’ to new infrastructure will receive up to £1,000 per year off their electricity bills as well as a wider community benefit fund allowing them to support local social projects. 

  • Vacancy
  • Deadline for applications: 30th Nov 2023

Associate Advisor (Canada)

We are looking for an Associate Advisor to join the team in Canada

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Alejandro Musi

Alejandro serves as the Operations Manager for BIT’s Latin America and the Caribbean team. He brings extensive experience in project management and organisational leadership. In addition to co-founding an educational advisory firm, his previous roles include serving as the Projects Director at the Consejo de la Judicatura Federal and Professions…

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Dr Emily Gray

Emily is an Associate Advisor within the Health and Wellbeing team at BIT's London office. Prior to joining BIT, Emily worked as a Clinical Psychologist for the NHS, specialising in working with individuals with neurological illnesses and disability. Emily holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a BA in Experimental…

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Tom Gunter

Tom is a senior policy advisor in our Rapid Insights Team – a joint policy venture with Nesta, that brings together new research and expertise from both organisations to address pressing policy challenges. He leads the team’s work on Education and Skills. Tom joined Nesta and the Behavioural Insights Team…

  • Blog
  • 27th Nov 2023

Bridging the generation gap: Promoting age diversity in the workplace

In the dynamic landscape of today’s workforce, the concept of diversity has evolved beyond gender, race, and ethnicity. Age diversity, often overlooked, is a crucial component for fostering innovation, resilience, and productivity within businesses.