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  • Blog
  • 25th Sep 2023

Pilot findings from Phoenix Group’s Midlife MOT

The UK government’s “Midlife MOT” initiative aims to support individuals in midlife and is a review for workers in their 40s and 50s that helps them assess their finances, skills and health and helps to prepare for retirement and build financial resilience.

  • Report
  • 20th Sep 2023

Using behavioural insights to improve employee financial resilience

By the end of 2023, one million UK households are set to run out of savings entirely.1 The economic pressures on the country’s workforce resulting from the pandemic and Russian invasion of Ukraine, among other factors, are immense. Without savings – both immediate and pension savings – individuals are completely…

  • Press release
  • 20th Sep 2023

Research shows employees want and need new ways to save

A joint research project between PayCaptain, the London-based payroll service provider, and the Behavioural Insights Team has uncovered new findings on employees’ barriers to saving.  With economic pressures on employees continuing to increase and one million households expected to have run out of savings by the end of 2023, the…

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Global Financial Behaviour Exchange

A knowledge exchange for leading behavioural and data science efforts in the financial services sector.

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How we work

At BIT we use a large number of processes to ensure the quality of all of our work across the team and around the world. We refer to this as our quality assurance (QA). These are the principles that underpin our QA for every project and piece of work we…

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Nuestros servicios

Proyectos TESTS punta a punta: Utilizamos nuestra propia metodología, TESTS Target: definimos un comportamiento objetivo Explore: identificamos barreras comportamentales Solution: diseñamos soluciones basadas en insights comportamentales Trial: evaluamos el impacto Scale: escalamos los resultados exitosos Evaluaciones de impacto: Utilizamos el método científico para evaluar programas existentes y saber si están…

  • Blog
  • 13th Sep 2023

Pension Scams: Four ideas for how pension providers can protect pension savers

The impact of pension scams can be devastating for those affected. Beyond the financial loss - on average individuals lose £82,000 of their savings - the emotional and psychological repercussions can be profound. 

  • Report
  • 12th Sep 2023

How do slot game advert features impact gambling behaviour?

In this report, BIT’s Gambling Policy & Research Unit presents the findings from a study looking at the impact of slot game advert features on understanding, attitudes and gambling behaviour. We tested these features in adverts like those shown below, via an online randomised controlled trial (RCT) with 5,979 people…

  • Person

Mia Mayixuan Li

Mia is an Advisor in the International Programmes Team. Prior to joining BIT, Mia worked for the United Nations Development Programmes as a Communications Officer. Her work to date with BIT has focused on the application of behavioral insights to a broad range of policy challenges. These include anti-corruption, gender…

  • Blog
  • 7th Sep 2023

Keeping household water quality safe

In 2022, we used behavioral insights to help Chicago achieve a 52.8% lead testing kit return rate, which may be the highest in the nation (to the best of our knowledge).