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Behavioural insights and tuberculosis

  • Article

Cutting single-use plastics in Solomon Islands schools

  • Case study
  • 24th Jan 2019

Tackling tuberculosis in Moldova

There are still 1.6 million tuberculosis (TB) related deaths a year around the world despite the availability of effective treatment.

  • Blog
  • 13th May 2019

Can BI help tackle one of the world's top killers?

The Republic of Moldova, which has the highest incidence of TB in Europe, follows a treatment strategy called Directly-observed therapy (DOT). Under DOT TB patients are required by law to come to a clinic daily to take their medication under the supervision of a TB nurse. The strategy was based…

  • Blog
  • 28th Feb 2020

Providing a substitute for single-use plastics in the Pacific

With 240kg of plastic waste entering the ocean every second, the need to radically reduce single-use plastics has never been more urgent. 

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Tuberculosis in Moldova

  • Blog
  • 10th Feb 2021

Seeing is believing, even through a screen.

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science it is worth remembering that ‘seeing is believing’ - a principle Iris Bohnet highlights in her book What Works: Gender Equality by Design. When we have a preconceived idea that a career is dominated by men, seeing a real-world example…

  • Blog
  • 5th Aug 2021

Using behavioural insights to help households correctly segregate their waste

Uncertainty is an issue— if we don’t know what the right option is, we are often inclined to take the path which incurs the lowest effort. This status quo bias is bad news for recycling, because it means people may be sending recyclable refuse to landfill. Uncertainty is also legitimate.…

  • Blog
  • 12th Aug 2021

One behaviour at a time: Redesigning entrepreneurship pathways in the Arab States

We recently co-hosted a webinar at the UN Behavioural Science Week 2021 during which we presented initial evidence from the project and asked UNDP colleagues in participating Country Offices to reflect on their experience thus far. We share three insights below about what it takes to apply behavioural science to…

  • Blog
  • 8th Mar 2022

Gender based violence helplines

BIT’s work against gender-based violence began in 2017. We have engaged men and boys in preventing violence, promoted help-seeking behaviors among survivors of violence, and more. This blog outlines our recent work to help women navigate and access survivor services in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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