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Dr. Jeremy Gretton

Jeremy is a Senior Advisor at BIT Canada. Jeremy previously worked as a consultant and social media writer at BEworks and as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Waterloo. In these roles, he has collaborated with partners in academia, industry, and government and has examined questions such as how…

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Reducing household power usage

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Smart thermostat effectiveness

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Testing smart meter displays to save energy

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  • 27th Apr 2016

Smart Meters Derogation Guidance: supporting energy supplier applications for trials of in-home display alternatives

Behavioural Insights Team, Madano and DECC co-drafted guidance for energy suppliers who wish to seek a derogation from the requirement to offer domestic consumers an In Home Display (IHD) as part of a smart meter installation, in order to trial alternative In Home Displays (IHDs).

  • Blog
  • 3rd Sep 2014

The secret cost of laundry

Purchasing a laundry appliance, such as a washing machine, can be a complicated choice involving lots of different factors. However, consumers may be surprised to find out that the cost of using the appliance is not one of the factors often taken into account. Annual energy consumption, which relates to…

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  • 12th Dec 2012

Reducing disposable shopping bag usage

In her new paper, Tatiana Homonoff from Princeton University shows that small incentives can have a larger effect than the simple cost/benefit calculation would suggest, but how these incentives are framed matters. Her findings accord with the idea of loss aversion – that people value losses more than the equivalent…

  • Publication
  • 6th Jul 2011

Behaviour change and energy use: behavioural insights team paper

The behavioural insights team has published a report setting out how we can use behavioural insights to help people save energy and money.