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  • Blog
  • 13th Apr 2022

The role of behaviour-change in the race to Net Zero

Last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group 3 released its sixth assessment report (AR6). Coming around every 6-8 years these hefty tomes summarise the state of climate knowledge from the scientific community, and this one is all about solutions. Since we’ll be pushing 2030 by the…

  • Report
  • 4th Apr 2022

Applying Behavioural Insights to Reduce Commuting Emissions

Globally, transport emissions are rising faster than those in any other sector. In Canada alone, transportation accounted for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, a 16% increase from 2005 levels. How people get to work contributes to this issue.

  • Blog
  • 4th Apr 2022

Let’s reset how we commute to save emissions

We need to build a future where the green choice is the obvious choice. To achieve our climate change goals, making public transit, biking, walking, or green commuting the obvious choice will be critical.

  • Blog
  • 22nd Mar 2022

It pays to try public transport

In Australia, the tyranny of distance has led to a historical reliance on commuting by car. But small vehicles account for a total of 10% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and the emissions from these vehicles are as much as 40% higher than other countries. This comes in addition to…

  • Blog
  • 9th Mar 2022

How much are we willing to pay to make home heating greener?

When it comes to reducing emissions from the way people heat their homes (home heating is currently responsible for around 14% of UK emissions), the UK government (alongside many other countries) is betting a lot on heat pumps. We tried to understand how willing UK householders are to adopt a…

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Marcos Pelenur

Dr Marcos Pelenur is Head of Sustainability and Decarbonization for BIT Americas. Prior to BIT, Marcos worked across a range of senior renewable energy, energy efficiency and science policy leadership positions for the New Zealand government. He previously also led BIT UK’s work in energy and sustainability and was a…

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Dr Edwin Chan

Edwin is a Research Advisor in the energy and sustainability team. He works on trial evaluations across a variety of policy areas such as sustainable energy and transportation. Prior to joining BIT, Edwin completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Melbourne. His doctoral thesis investigated consumers’ behaviour in…

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Scott Young

Scott Young is Principal Advisor, Head of Private Sector at the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) North America. Prior to assuming this role, he was Senior Vice President of BVA Nudge Unit (a Behavioral Science consultancy) and earlier spent 20+ years leading Perception Research Services and PRS IN VIVO, a global…

  • Blog
  • 20th Dec 2021

Pre-owned: Using environmental and cost-saving messages to encourage buying second-hand

As we wind down for the festive season, we'll soon be seeing lots of adverts for post-Christmas sales. As tempting as they may be, the message from COP26 just a few weeks ago is that we are at a critical point in time for determining the future wellbeing of the…

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Sarene Shaked

Sarene is an Associate Advisor at the Behavioral Insights Team Americas. Before joining BIT, she worked as a Research Associate for Innovations for Poverty Action Uganda, where she managed an RCT evaluating an entrepreneurial model of community health workers, looking particularly at its effect on infant mortality. Prior to moving…