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  • Blog
  • 17th Jun 2022

Allowing fathers to be present

Fathers can be quite important. I’ve got a good one and am very grateful for it. The behavioural science evidence also backs me up. Early paternal participation has a positive impact on a child’s IQ, mental and physical health, career success, and happiness. When fathers do spend time with their…

  • Report
  • 24th May 2022

Improving Workplace Diversity in the Public Sector with Behavioural Insight Strategy

Does your government workforce reflect the diversity—and excellence—of your community?

  • Blog
  • 29th Apr 2022

How can we encourage migrant domestic workers to seek help? Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post series, we talked about the behavioural barriers that migrant domestic workers (MDWs) face when deciding whether and how to seek help, and the prototypes that we designed to address these barriers. If you had voted in the poll in our last blog post,…

  • Blog
  • 26th Apr 2022

Low-paid and low-skill women - moving beyond education

Recently we launched a global research programme aiming to understand ways to support low-paid, low-skill women progress into higher quality work, supported by JPMorgan Chase. Today we publish our review of the evidence on low-paid and low-skill women in the UK, France, Spain and South Africa. We focus on the…

  • Report
  • 26th Apr 2022

Understanding the barriers and enablers for women’s progression from low-paid and low-skill work

This literature review centres on the UK, South Africa, France and Spain, and first outlines the barriers and enablers faced by low-paid and low-skill women, and subsequently, identifies a range of promising behavioural interventions. 

  • Blog
  • 8th Mar 2022

Women Only Apply When 100% Qualified. Fact or Fake News?

This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate taking an evidence-based approach to understanding gender inequality in the labour market

  • Blog
  • 8th Mar 2022

Gender based violence helplines

BIT’s work against gender-based violence began in 2017. We have engaged men and boys in preventing violence, promoted help-seeking behaviors among survivors of violence, and more. This blog outlines our recent work to help women navigate and access survivor services in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Also available in: Español

  • Blog
  • 8th Mar 2022

Teléfono de ayuda contra la violencia de género

El trabajo del BIT contra la violencia de género comenzó en 2017. Hemos involucrado a hombres y niños en la prevención de la violencia, promovido comportamientos de búsqueda de ayuda entre sobrevivientes de violencia y más. Este blog describe nuestro reciente trabajo en ayudar a las mujeres a navegar y…

Also available in: English

  • Blog
  • 21st Feb 2022

Supporting low-skill, low-pay women to progress: a new global research programme

As living costs are set to soar this year with gas prices increasing across Europe, analysis suggests this could be devastating for people in low income households. Single-parent families - the majority of which consist of single women raising children - are more likely to live in poverty, and face…

  • Person

Scott Young

Scott Young is Principal Advisor, Head of Private Sector at the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) North America. Prior to assuming this role, he was Senior Vice President of BVA Nudge Unit (a Behavioral Science consultancy) and earlier spent 20+ years leading Perception Research Services and PRS IN VIVO, a global…