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  • Report
  • 8th Dec 2021

Getting young people into politics through service learning

Young people participate in politics less than any other age group, and they arguably suffer materially as a result. Service learning, a type of civic education, is one policy that has received a substantial amount of public investment in an attempt to solve this problem. However, the evidence to date…

  • Blog
  • 8th Dec 2021

Getting young people into politics

Participation in service learning increases young people’s participation in politics by 12%. This is the headline finding from our new report that marks the end of a 4 year research project with the National Citizen Service Trust (NCS Trust) and UCL’s School of Public Policy. This is new and promising…

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Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum is an Advisor with Behavioral Insights Team Americas, where he works applying behavioral insights to government service provision. Prior to joining BIT, Michael worked at Innovations for Poverty Action, where he supported the design, implementation, and analysis of rigorous research in the financial inclusion and survey methodology spaces.…

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Sarene Shaked

Sarene is an Associate Advisor at the Behavioral Insights Team Americas. Before joining BIT, she worked as a Research Associate for Innovations for Poverty Action Uganda, where she managed an RCT evaluating an entrepreneurial model of community health workers, looking particularly at its effect on infant mortality. Prior to moving…

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Luke Timmons

Luke is a Senior Advisor at BIT Americas. Prior to joining BIT, Luke was a Sr Strategist at Stand Together Foundation where he led the investment strategy development for the organization's venture philanthropy initiatives. Previously, Luke has worked in various policy and research positions in London and Glasgow in his…

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Mayra Alejandra Cabrera

Mayra Alejandra is an Advisor for the BIT Americas, focused on BIT’s Latin American portfolios. She has worked in the application of behavioral insights to generate and communicate effective, human-centered policies in a variety of issues, such as mobility and road safety, gender, and regulatory burden and capacity building for…

  • Press release
  • 19th Nov 2021

Dangerous left turns slow by 17% in new traffic study leveraging behavioral science

All U.S. cities can prevent pedestrian deaths with practical investments that yield fast, meaningful improvements in safety

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Chiara Cappellini

Chiara is a Research Advisor specialising in designing and implementing qualitative evaluations across policy areas including economic policy education and sustainability. Before joining BIT, Chiara worked as a third sector researcher and evaluator. She has evaluated programmes in Europe and across the Global South for statutory funders such as the…

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Jonathan Vayness

Jonathan is an Associate Advisor at BIT Americas, applying behavioral insights to the social safety net. Prior to BIT, Jonathan has published research on emotion and prosocial behavior, and most recently worked at the Global Poverty Research Lab on projects related to effective philanthropy.  Jonathan studied psychology and economics at…

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Ol Jonatan Beun

OL (Jonatan) is a Senior Advisor at BIT Americas and his work focuses on BIT's Latin American portfolio. Prior to joining BIT, he worked as a Behavioral Scientist at the World Bank’s Mind, Behavior and Development Unit (eMBeD), and he also served as Director for Capability Building and Innovation at…