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Dr Ines Barreiros

Ines is an Associate Research Advisor in the Home Affairs and International Development team, where she works on evaluations and data analysis across a range of policy areas. Recently, Ines worked on a comparative analysis of UK social divides through the exploration of large national and international survey datasets on…

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 4th Oct 2021

Combatting sexual harassment and violence; economic policy-making

In this latest episode of Inside The Nudge Unit BIT’s Aisling Colclough and Lis Costa look at two more major areas of work by the team around the world. First they are joined by colleagues Dr Vera Newman and Monica Wills Silva to explore BIT projects in Australia and Latin…

  • Blog
  • 30th Sep 2021

Improving people’s risk perception of coronavirus

What factors affect how people perceive risk? And can we design interventions that help to make risk perception more accurate?

  • Blog
  • 29th Sep 2021

The public has a good understanding of coronavirus risk, but there are still big misconceptions

On ‘Freedom Day’ (July 19th 2021) England entered a new phase in its approach to managing coronavirus. Instead of legislation mandating behaviours, guidance will help people use their own judgement to make risk-based decisions. This change means it is especially important for policymakers to understand how people think about coronavirus risk.…

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Jasmine Pineda

Jasmine Pineda is an Associate Advisor at the Behavioral Insights Team Americas, supporting BIT’s Latin American portfolio. Before joining BIT, she was a part of the Education unit of the World Bank for the Latin American and Caribbean region where she worked on implementation support and evaluation on projects concerning…

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Dr. Jeremy Gretton

Jeremy is a Senior Advisor at BIT Canada. Jeremy previously worked as a consultant and social media writer at BEworks and as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Waterloo. In these roles, he has collaborated with partners in academia, industry, and government and has examined questions such as how…

  • Press release
  • 15th Sep 2021

Behavioural Insights Team launches Gambling Policy & Research Unit

The Gambling Policy & Research Unit is a dedicated team of specialists with a mandate to develop and rigorously test methods and approaches that will significantly reduce harms in the UK’s £14 billion gambling market

  • Blog
  • 10th Sep 2021

British and European Values - are they one and the same?

There is a mismatch between the way we see ourselves and the way we see others

  • Blog
  • 7th Sep 2021

Britain Connects: reducing political polarisation and fostering dialogue during national lockdown

When political views become political identities, we see people who agree with us in a positive light - intelligent, selfless and open minded, and people who disagree with us as the opposite.

  • Blog
  • 25th Aug 2021

“The Complaints Department”: A dozen years of debate on when and how to nudge

Last week Professor Richard Thaler and Professor Cass Sunstein published Nudge: The Final Edition. As many of our readers will know, BIT was built on the ideas developed and popularised in the original edition, and we have been hugely grateful for the inspiration, energy and guidance Richard and Cass have…