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Laura Litvine

Laura heads BIT’s Paris office, where she leads a team working on a series of social impact projects across the policy spectrum, from health to consumer protection, via sustainability, education, or again public finance. She has been at BIT since 2016, and was previously a Senior Advisor in the Home…

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Dr Serene Koh

Serene heads BIT's Singapore office. She leads our domestic consultancy work as well as our capability building across the region. She has been with the Singapore office since it was founded in 2016. Before BIT, Serene was a researcher with the Ministry of Communications and Information where she led the…

  • Blog
  • 8th Nov 2016

Policymaking: should we be 'messier'?

Last week, we were lucky enough to be joined by the FT’s Undercover Economist, Tim Harford, who came to talk to us about his excellent new book Messy. The central premise of the book is that we often succumb to the temptation of a tidy-minded approach to getting something done,…

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  • 25th Nov 2016

Making room for expertise in democracy

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about whether expertise is falling out of fashion. It was a theme picked up in a lecture on Tuesday by Beth Noveck, Enough of experts? Data, democracy and the future of expertise. Beth has spent time in both the White House,…

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  • 20th Dec 2016

A Christmas Carol: inspiration for behavioural interventions?

Those familiar with Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol will know that the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve comes about from an unusual, yet remarkably successful, behavioural intervention. Scrooge (a notorious miser) is visited by four ghosts over the course of one night who show him his past, present…

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Michael Kaemingk

Michael is a Principal Advisor at BIT Americas. His research focuses on applying behavioral science to a wide range of subjects, including improving government service delivery in the U.S. and internationally, decreasing violence, improving the quality of civic information ecosystems, and realigning technology with human flourishing. Before joining BIT, Michael…

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  • 21st Jun 2017

Applying behavioural insights in Asia’s city state

We set up BIT Singapore nine months ago to continue our mission to deliver rigorous social impact across the world. Singapore’s Public Service is one of the most innovative and effective in the world. We have been fortunate enough to have experienced this first-hand in our joint work on financial…

  • Report
  • 15th Aug 2017

An Exploration of Potential Behavioural Biases in Project Delivery in the Department for Transport

This report looks into how behavioural biases might affect decision-making and delivery of projects within the Department for Transport, and how to overcome them.

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  • 13th Sep 2017

Britain's census matters. Can we boost participation and save money?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) plays a vital role in British life. Without ONS statistics, government and local authorities would not be able to calculate or understand inflation, immigration, or employment reliably, nor could government design and implement effective policies to manage those issues. Statistics determine how public funds…

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  • 15th Dec 2017

New Zealand, new Government...

For all the popular commentary about shortcomings of democracy, there is something quite remarkable, and admirable, about a nation smoothly changing its leadership at the behest of its people. Just back from Wellington, where it was a buzz of excitement and meetings, including around BIT’s newest office staffed by Lee…