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  • Academic publication
  • 19th May 2023

The impact of altering restaurant and menu option position on food selected from an experimental food delivery platform: a randomised controlled trial

This study tested whether repositioning foods and/or restaurant options in a simulated food delivery platform could help to reduce the energy content of users’ shopping basket.

  • Person

Riona Carriaga

Riona is an Associate Advisor at BIT Canada, where she applies behavioral insights to enhance health, wealth and happiness. Prior to joining BIT, she worked as a cognitive psychology researcher investigating financial shocks and gender bias, a human capital consultant, and a systems analyst for public health. Riona holds a…

  • Blog
  • 7th Apr 2023

Using behavioural insights to improve diabetes management in the Middle East

To mark World Health Day, we’re sharing the results of a trial helping people with diabetes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to reduce their blood sugar levels.

  • Blog
  • 17th Mar 2023

Behavioral science can help prevent the spread of fake news

In a 2022 study, we successfully reduced susceptibility to fake news. Using videos informed by behavioural science, we reduced people’s intent to share disinformation about sexual and reproductive health education (SRHE), increased their knowledge, and shifted their perceptions on the topic.

Also available in: Español

  • Blog
  • 17th Mar 2023

Las ciencias del comportamiento pueden ayudar a prevenir la difusión de noticias falsas

En un estudio realizado en 2022, logramos reducir la susceptibilidad a las noticias falsas. Utilizando videos basados en las ciencias del comportamiento, redujimos la intención de las personas de compartir desinformación sobre la educación en salud sexual y reproductiva (también conocida como la educación sexual integral, o ESI), aumentamos sus…

Also available in: English

  • Blog
  • 20th Jan 2023

Would you support a tax on meat to encourage environmentally sustainable behaviours?

According to the National Food Strategy we should cut our average meat intake by 30% to reach net zero by 2050. However, changing what we eat is difficult, as our diets are strongly rooted in our cultural and social values. Meeting sustainability targets will therefore require policies that make it…

  • Person

Laura Litvine

Laura dirige le bureau parisien de BIT, où elle mène une équipe travaillant sur une série de projets à visée sociale adressant des problématiques variées, depuis la santé publique à la protection des consommateurs, en passant par la durabilité, l’éducation, ou encore les finances publiques. Elle travaille au BIT depuis…

Also available in: English

  • Person

Aastha Sethi

Aastha is an Advisor with the International team and is based in Mumbai. Prior to joining BIT, she worked for the University of Edinburgh where she helped setup the India office for their international suicide prevention project and worked with various regional governments to influence policy change in this space.…

  • Blog
  • 10th Jan 2023

Anti-smoking policies have strong public support

Smoking is still the leading cause of preventable illness and premature death. Our new research shows there is significant public appetite for bold policies to support smoking cessation

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 16th Dec 2022

Inside another Nudge Unit

Embedding behavioural science into your organisation - learnings from Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts on how they created a successful Nudge Unit