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  • Past event
  • 29th Nov 2022

Market Behaviour

The Behavioural Insights Team's Gambling & Policy Research Unit is hosting a reception in the House of Lords to bring together experts in the field to discuss actions that need to be taken NOW to bring the huge UK gambling market up to date to protect consumers from gambling harms.

  • Blog
  • 20th Oct 2022

Home is where their work is

The unique workplace safety issues faced by in-home disability and aged care workers

  • Past event
  • 9th Nov 2022

Webinar: Leveraging behavioural science to promote health & wellness

Leveraging behavioural science to promote health & wellness

  • Person

Antonio Hanna-Amodio

Antonio is an Advisor in the International team. His work involves designing behavioural policies that are tailored to a range of contexts and cultures, with a focus on impact and scalability. Antonio has worked across many policy areas: including sustainability, diplomacy, healthcare and economic policy. He holds a first-class honours…

  • Report
  • 22nd Sep 2022

Using behavioural insights to reduce gift-giving in a Tanzanian public hospital

Previous research has shown that social norms of gift-giving and reciprocity are linked to patterns of bribery in the Tanzanian health sector. Health facility staff that do not accept a gift or reciprocate a favour are often punished by means of gossip, criticism, and even social isolation, further enforcing the…

  • Current project

How can we make support services more accessible and impactful?

In Year 2 of the Gambling Policy and Research Unit, we will be increasing our focus on support services and treatment for those at risk of, or experiencing gambling harm. One of our Year 2 aims is to improve access to gambling support services. This is currently in the scoping…

  • Blog
  • 19th Aug 2022

Impuesto a bebidas azucaradas en Colombia - ¿Qué nos enseña la experiencia del Reino Unido?

Un día después de su posesión como Presidente de Colombia, Gustavo Petro y su Ministro de Hacienda José Antonio Ocampo presentaron en el Congreso Colombiano una reforma tributaria que incluye un impuesto a las bebidas azucaradas y a los alimentos ultraprocesados. El gobierno espera que el impuesto tenga efectos, en…

  • Person

Dr Niamh Thompson

Niamh is a Policy Advisor in the Health and Wellbeing Cluster. She graduated with an MBChB from the University of Glasgow in 2017 where she was awarded the ‘History of Medicine’ prize for her policy analysis of the barriers to care for survivors of torture in the UK. Prior to…

  • Blog
  • 14th Jul 2022

Combating panic buying with behavioural insights

Some of the memorable images of the COVID-19 pandemic were pictures of empty shelves in supermarkets, as shoppers panic bought in response to public health restrictions. Here in Australia, we’ve seen the country go in and out of major restrictions over the past couple of years, with panic buying occurring…

  • Blog
  • 8th Jul 2022

Encouraging employees to return to the office while maintaining flexibility and choice

Hybrid working is here to stay. Although many organisations offer hybrid work arrangements, there are still some ongoing challenges. Specifically, organisations have observed misalignment and even tension between managers and employees about their preferred number of days in the office. This is described in detail in the recent RMIT report,…