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Dr Giulia Tagliaferri

Giulia is a the Head of Quantitative Research at BIT. She is responsible for setting and maintaining research standards at across the organisation. As expert in complex quantitative evaluations (observational data, quasi-experimental methods, thorny RCTs) she leads BIT's analytically most complex projects, with a particular focus in Health and Wellbeing.…

  • Report
  • 24th Jan 2019

The Behavioural Insights Team Annual Update Report 2017-18

Latest results from the team, covering issues from healthcare to humanitarian aid.

  • Blog
  • 1st Jan 2019

How to build stronger friendships in 2019

Still searching for a New Year's resolution?

  • Report
  • 1st Oct 2018

From Intentions to Action: The Science Behind Giving Behaviours

This was a collaboration between The Rideau Hall Foundation and the Behavioural Insights Team

  • Report
  • 27th Jun 2018

Behavioural science and the sustainable funding of charities

Core costs, and how to fund them, are important issues for many charities.

  • Blog
  • 27th Jun 2018

Using behavioural science to put charities on a surer footing

Although some recent controversies have cast the third sector in a poor light, the fact remains that Britain’s 170,000 charities are essential to providing both day to day support, and vital research funding, for worthy causes that millions of people care about. Despite this, and despite the fact that Britain…

  • Blog
  • 23rd Apr 2018

Robert Putnam: celebrating his incredible contribution to the study of social capital

There’s lots of hyperbole around, but it’s not difficult to argue that Robert Putnam is the most impactful political scientist alive. It was a strange blend of emotions, then, for those of us gathered at Harvard to mark his retirement last week. Most scholars hope to achieve a major breakthrough…

  • Blog
  • 15th Mar 2018

Charities and Public Trust

A few weeks ago, Oxfam’s CEO testified to Parliament that 7,000 people had cancelled their direct debit donations since the Times broke a story on the 9th of February about improprieties by the charity’s employees in Haiti in 2010. As Daniel Fluskey from the Institute of Fundraising pointed out when…

  • Blog
  • 17th Nov 2017

The first Briton to give away £1bn

This week saw a quiet, private celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Gatsby Foundation. In case you haven’t heard of it, Gatsby is the charity through which David (Lord) Sainsbury has given away over £1bn. He was the first Briton ever to pass this threshold. Set up when he…

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  • 4th Sep 2017

When's the right time to get people giving?

A lot of the behavioural biases that prevent us from achieving our goals have to do with time. We lament not having enough time to get everything done, and then spend hours binge-watching cooking shows. We all have that important task - like applying to university, or filling in our…