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  • Blog
  • 19th Jun 2024

How reframing flexible working can drive up female recruitment

It is widely recognised that flexible work is one of the most important factors in helping women return to work, often due to ongoing caregiving responsibilities. Many women will only consider employers who offer such flexibility.

  • Blog
  • 31st May 2024

How media coverage of vaping restrictions might influence public perceptions: insights from a new study

To the disappointment of many anti-smoking campaigners, the Tobacco and Vapes Bill was shelved last week as the UK parliament was suspended ahead of the election in July.  The headline measure would have banned the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 1 January 2009, but the bill would have…

  • Blog
  • 29th May 2024

Gen Z teens are taking far fewer risks

We look at how teenagers in Great Britain today are taking fewer drugs, gambling less, and having fewer pregnancies than previous generations.

  • Report
  • 23rd May 2024

Gambling support via financial services firms explore phase

In this report, BIT’s Gambling Policy & Research Unit presents its work, which explored how financial services firms can help to provide support to their customers who gamble. 

  • Press release
  • 21st May 2024

BIT and Ofcom trial methods to boost engagement with content controls on social media sites

BIT and Ofcom’s Behavioural Insight specialists ran two online trials to test different ways of encouraging people to use content controls.

  • Current project

Social Capital

Researching social media data to better understand how different forms of social connections between people affect the opportunities they have in their lives.

  • Blog
  • 2nd May 2024

Decisionscape: how thinking like an artist can improve our decision-making

Top of our reading list this month has been Decisionscape, a book by former BIT employee, Elspeth Kirkman, now Nesta’s Chief Programmes Officer.

  • Blog
  • 11th Apr 2024

Could summer jobs stop youth violence?

In many American cities, Summer Youth Employment Programs offer young people from disadvantaged backgrounds short-term paid employment during the long summer break from school. Some of these programmes have been in existence for decades and operate at a huge scale. Given the evidence from the US on violent youth offending,…

  • Report
  • 11th Apr 2024

Should wagering requirements on gambling bonus offers be capped?

Wagering requirements have significant consequences on how much consumers spend on gambling, and when they can withdraw bonus funds.  However, in our earlier experiment testing the impact of slot game advert features, we found that despite their prevalence and consequences, wagering requirements are often hidden in footnotes of advertisements and…

  • Blog
  • 11th Apr 2024

Why behavioural science is your secret weapon for foolproof change management

While change is often viewed as a structural transformation, its success hinges on effectively understanding and influencing human behaviour. By harnessing the power of behavioural science, organisations can navigate common challenges and drive successful change.