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Behavioural Insights Academy

Course overview:

In this practitioner level course, participants engage in problem-centred learning to apply behavioural insights to solve a live challenge within their team or organisation. Participants are immersed in hands-on coaching in applying BIT’s behavioural insights project methodology (TESTS) and work to:

  • Distil their challenge into its’ behavioural components
  • Apply range of behavioural science exploratory tools to identify contextual barriers to target behaviours
  • Apply BIT’s EAST Framework to create a set of behaviourally informed interventions
  • Create a plan for implementing and evaluating interventions

Duration: Typically 3 full days or 4 half days. Modules can be configured and spaced according to your requirements.

Learning outcomes

After this course participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate their challenges based on an informed understanding of the factors that drive human behaviour
  • Apply BIT’s TESTS methodology and EAST framework to solve live challenges within their field and to develop more effective policies, products and services
  • Design behaviour change interventions and create evaluation plans to test the effectiveness of these interventions
  • Recognise the ethical considerations involved in applying behavioural insights