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Join us in creating positive social impact
with behavioural insights!

Making the world a better place by finding out what works—and what doesn’t—requires a diverse range of talent. Our staff specialise in public policy, sustainability, health, and a wide range of academic fields, from economics to neuroscience. We are united by our passion for applying behavioural insights to help solve real-world problems.

To ensure everyone feels comfortable bringing their unique ideas and experiences to work, we strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. That looks like offering flexible working, team hangouts, supporting each other on the job, and more.

Our values

These are the values that guide how we work and who we work with:

Social impact: We focus on how our work can help the world

Empiricism and humility: We separate our opinions from facts and keep an open mind.

Fresh thinking and curiosity: We recognise the limits of our knowledge are not the limits of knowledge… and are excited by this.

Collaboration: We act with the time and wellbeing of others in mind and BIT’s mission at heart.

Lasting partnerships: We strive to be a partner others would want to work with again.

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What our team members say

At BIT, I’m encouraged to think both creatively and analytically, which motivates me to produce high-quality and impactful work. My colleagues genuinely care about each other too, which means so much. This encourages me to bring my full self to work and to feel energised about what I’m doing.”

Jess McKay, BIT Americas

I love that BIT lives at the sweet spot between academia, the public sector, and consulting. The empirical rigour and standards of the first, the pragmatism of the second, and the speed and energy of the third. The people here also strike an amazing balance of being incredibly supportive and empirically curious. I have the most intellectually stimulating and challenging conversations with my colleagues.”

 Mónica Wills Silva, BIT UK

BIT’s focus on socially impactful work across a diverse range of policy areas is one of the things I like most about working here. That, and the collaborative culture where people want to share resources and support each other to do their best work.”

Matt Smith, BIT UK