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Past events

  • Past event
  • 21st Jun 2023

Applying & Embedding Behavioral Science in the Financial Services

The Behavioral Insights Team and BEAR - Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (University of Toronto) are pleased to announce a free half-day seminar

  • Past event
  • 8th Feb 2023

Webinar: Creating a culture of compliance

Organisations are spending millions on their compliance programs, but executives, enforcement agencies and regulators all know that "ticking the box" with policies, procedures and training sessions is not enough.

  • Past event
  • 29th Nov 2022

Market Behaviour

The Behavioural Insights Team's Gambling & Policy Research Unit is hosting a reception in the House of Lords to bring together experts in the field to discuss actions that need to be taken NOW to bring the huge UK gambling market up to date to protect consumers from gambling harms.

  • Past event
  • 9th Nov 2022

Webinar: Leveraging behavioural science to promote health & wellness

Leveraging behavioural science to promote health & wellness

  • Past event
  • 23rd Nov 2022 - 25th Nov 2022

Behavioural Science in Practice

This three day course follows closely the tried and tested Behavioural Insights Team project process

  • Past event
  • 11th Oct 2022 - 18th Oct 2022

Workshop: Applying Behavioral Insights to Achieve Environmental, Social and Governance Goals

As organizations set increasingly ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, they will need a robust set of approaches to meet their targets. Behavioral insights is an important part of the solution – ESG leaders can leverage this approach to launch successful behavior change initiatives, among employees, customers and other…

  • Past event
  • 18th Jul 2022

Workshop: Applying & Embedding Behavioral Insights in Your Organization

The Behavioral Insights Team is hosting an exclusive workshop on how to promote behavioral science in your organization. Join us in New York City on Monday July 18th to better understand the opportunities (and challenges) of applying Behavioral Science to your challenges.

  • Past event
  • 28th Jun 2022

Webinar: Applying Behavioral Science in the Private Sector - part 1

The first webinar in our 'private sector' series will focus on opportunities to apply behavioral insights to: help employees and customers resist online scams, increase compliance to cybersecurity measures/practices and promote honesty in filing insurance claims and providing financial information.

  • Past event
  • 19th Oct 2020

Behavioural Insights Course: Running a Project (Online)

This behavioural insights online course will teach you the basics of planning, establishing and managing a BI Project. In this behavioural insights online course you will learn a set of tools to match BI project approaches with policy problems, as well as arguments to advocate for a BI methodology.

  • Past event
  • 24th Sep 2020

Behavioural Insights Course: An Introduction (Online)

This behavioural insights course provides an introduction to the field of behavioural insights (BI) and an overview of the key principles that drive human behaviour. In this online BI course you will learn about the growth of behavioural insights across governments and discuss a wide range of examples where behavioural…